Night walk in Athens

Athens is both captivating and adventurous so cannot help but to fall in love with this city. For this reason, Hellas Mini Van has designed a special tour of the center of Athens devoted for night lovers. Together we will explore the most picturesque locations in Athens, bathed in the light of the moon, as the Marble and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the National Library and the Academy of Athens, the Acropolis and the most romantic spot in Athens, the hill of Lycabettus, from where you can admire the breathtaking view of the city! Finally, we will visit the scenic area of Plaka in order to have a refreshing drink or taste Greek traditional dishes. Finally, we will visit the city of Piraeus and admire the city lights reflecting on the harbor waters. Τhis beautiful tour will come to an end here by giving you indelible memories.

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Ancient Theatre of Sicyon & Ancient Mantinea

Hellas Mini Van gives you the opportunity to discover emblematic archaeological sites and win valuable leisure and tranquility. For this reason, we have designed a rich program that combines visits of archaeological interest and natural incomparable beauty. Starting from the center of Athens, we will have our first stop in Ancient Theater of Sikyona, located on the west Corinth. It is a remarkable architectural monument and even estimated to be one of the biggest theaters of ancient Greece. Then we will continue our journey to the Ancient Mantinea, a city with influential history. The archaeological site includes the ancient theater of Mantineia, the ancient parliament, parts of the ancient Agora, the Roman baths and a beautiful temple that was dedicated to Artemis Mesopolitida. Our next “cultural station” is the Mycenaean cemetery 5 km away from Palaiokastro with over 100 vaulted graves and an ancient necromancy mentioned by Homer in l’Rhapsody. Then we will move to the ancient theater of Megalopolis in Arcadia, which is funded by UNESCO, in order to realize restoration work. Our trip will end with a visit to the Temple of Hercules, a genuine idyllic Arcadia, just outside the city of Nemea.

In this way, this beautiful excursion will end by leaving you the most beautiful memories. However the versatile program of Hellas Mini Van can be customized to your own suggestions.

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Marathon and Temple of Artemis

Hellas Mini Van has designed a special tour to the municipality of Marathon, which is located in the northeastern part of Attica. This is a fairly close-by destination, ideal for those who are looking for quick day trips out of the center of Athens. Marathon is known from the famous historical battle in 490 BC between Athenians and Persians. Moreover, the region is famous for its natural beauty with its rich flora and the crystal blue waters on the coast.

Our next station will be the city of Vravrona, where we will visit the archaeological site of the area. A main archaeological find is the worship Temple of Artemis, which rises with a backdrop of green fields, vineyards and olive trees and is connected with ancient myths around the person of Iphigenia. The final stop of our tour will be the coastal area of Loutsa, a node between the international airport of Athens and the port of Rafina. There, we will have the opportunity to take a rest stop and have lunch with the view of the sea. Regardless of our proposals, we are open to any modification of the program. Hellas Mini Van cares about your opinion and your needs.

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One-day trip to Argolis

Hellas Mini Van leads you to popular destinations in Peloponnese and gives you unique leisure and relaxation moments. This excursion will begin with one stop at the Isthmus of Corinth, where we will have enough time to admire the canal and to photograph the landscape. Our next stop will be the ancient Corinth, a city with historical and religious inheritance. This is an important city-state of classical times, leading during the Persian Wars and developed commercial activities. During the Roman period, Apostle Paul visited the city in order to teach the Christian doctrine, so today a resplendent temple has been built in his honor. Our next station will be the famous ancient theater of Epidaurus, which is well-known for its acoustics and aesthetics, and today is one of the most well-preserved theaters of antiquity. After gaining new knowledge and inspiration, we will move towards the cosmopolitan Nafplio, where we can make a culinary ramble on local flavors.

As for final destination, we chose the town of Ancient Mycenae. There we will have the opportunity to admire the imposing fortifications, made of oversize boulders, which are maintained today in excellent condition. This is an experience that will take you deep into the time and will give knowledge and aesthetic pleasure. The program obviously can be modified and adapted to your needs.

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The ancient city of Delphi is an ideal choice for those who want to make a quick trip away from the center of Athens and discover some important historical sites. Specifically, two and a half hours are enough to get to the “navel of the earth”. This is the name that had in antiquity the Panhellenic sanctuary of Delphi, where according to mythology the two eagles of
Zeus were met from the ends of the universe to find the center of the world.

In short, during this one-day excursion we will travel between history and legend by exploring the tourist resorts of the Temple of Apollo, the Sacred Way, the Ancient Stadium and Theatre and finally the Archaeological Museum. Before ending our interesting tour, we will visit the areas of the Castle, Levadia and Arachova, where we can wander for a while through the cobbled streets and enjoy traditional recipes.

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Ancient Corinth and Loutraki

Hellas Mini Van gives you the opportunity to explore the popular destinations of Ancient Corinth and Loutraki. Starting from Athens, we will move towards the canal and we will continue our route to the ancient city of Corinth. Ancient Corinth is known for its rich history its and remarkable archaeological interest. In particular, it was an important citystate of classical times involved in the Persian Wars, the Peloponnesian War and it was also one of the leading forces of the Athenian alliance. During the Roman period, Apostle Paul visited Corinth, in order to teach
the Christian doctrine to Greeks and Jews. Today, St. Paul is the patron saint of Corinth where a resplendent temple has been built for his honor. About all these and much more historical information, we will have the opportunity to get known in detail during our tour.

Leaving the town of Ancient Corinth, we will visit famous Loutraki. Its name is due to the thermal baths, comprising at any time of year thousands of visitors looking for their healing properties. Loutraki is a cosmopolitan destination with special tourist interest during the summer months. The luxurious casino and its crystal coasts are some really strong
attractions. Along the beach, renovated hotels, high quality restaurants with Mediterranean flavors and modern cafeterias come to confirm that Loutraki is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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Museums of Athens

Spend one day in knowledge and aesthetic pleasure and visit the most important museums of Athens with the fleet of Hellas Mini Van. This is a different city tour which gives you the opportunity to meet Greek history, culture as well as ancient Greek and modern art. The list of museums is chosen in such a way as to cover different historical periods and give you a real travel in time. Specifically, the chosen museums for you are:

•The Acropolis Museum
• The National Archaeological Museum
• The Museum of Cycladic Art
• The Byzantine and Christian Museum
• The Benaki Museum

Our visit to the museums of Athens will take about 5-6 hours. Of course, we offer you the possibility to modify the list and customize it according to your tastes and needs. All you have to do is to notice the changes in your booking.

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Piraeus Tour

Hellas Mini Van gives you the opportunity to experience a different side of Athens, which is located in the city of Piraeus. For this reason, we designed a different sightseeing tour, edicated to the famous township of the south Attica. Our first stop will be to the Municipal Theatre, a neoclassical building of Piraeus, whose construction is placed in time in 1895. After visiting the theatre, we will continue with the Ancient Theater of Zea opposite the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, where you can draw a mental line in time considering the role of Piraeus, the everyday life, the economy as well as the artistic and cultural development of the municipality. Along the Marina Zea, we will be faced with the ancient walls of Piraeus built by hemistocles around 493-477 BC. We will keep on our journey by arriving at the Kastella area with the famous Mikrolimano. Up on the hill of Kastella, it is possible to visit the Church of Prophet Elias and win a few moments of spiritual exaltation. Then, we will pass the Old Gate of Piraeus and we will end our journey by making a perimeter walk of the harbor where the famous lions” are located.

These and many other sites will be discovered on that tour in Piraeus, which is the perfect option for a beautiful and alternative trip to Athens.

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Athens Sightseeing Tour

Hellas Mini Van offers you a full-day sightseeing, specially designed for those who wish to get to the capital and discover the city’s beauties. So, our team gives you the opportunity to explore Athens and experience its special character through the most important monuments and buildings located in the city streets. All you have to do is relax on the comfortable seats of our cars and enjoy the journey. Our drivers will be at your disposal to guide you and answer to your every question.

The first stop of our tour is the Acropolis, the magnificent sanctuary of ancient Athens. Up on the hill of Acropolis we will stay about half an hour, so we will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of ancient Athens and admire from above the modern view of the city. We will continue our trip by parking on Amalia Avenue in front of Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the two monuments that were built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and adorn the city center.

Our next stop will be at Kallimarmaro, where we will remain about 10-15 minutes in order to admire the ancient stadium, known for the revival of the modern Olympics in 1896. Leaving the Panathenaic Stadium, we will move towards Syntagma Square, the most central square of Athens which is located just in front of the building of the Old Palace, in which today the Greek Parliament exists. There, we will find ourselves in front of the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, dedicated to all war dead, where we will spend a few minutes standing and showing our respect. Our next “cultural station” will be the three parts of the neoclassical “Athenian Trilogy”, designed by the Danish architect Theophil Hansen: The National Library, the Athens Academy and the main building of the University of Athens. After about an hour, we will move forward to Stadiou Street and admire the Palace of the Old House, an important part of Modern Greek history.

Our final destinations will be Monastiraki and the traditional settlement of Thissio. Finally, we will end our tour with a visit to Lycabettus Hill, from where you can admire the agnificent view of Athens from above.

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