Transfer with Standard Taxi

The Standard Taxi category offers you vehicles that promise absolute safety and comfort during your trip. The vehicles of this category are directed to passengers that do not exceed the number of 4 persons. The high quality equipment of the vehicle has been chosen to offer you luxury on your transfers to the center of Athens, as well as to tourist destinations throughout Greece. All our vehicles go through regular engineering controls and biological type of cleaning in order to provide you with quality and safety on your trips.

The Standard Taxi category has been precisely designed to satisfy the customers who wish to move with taxi vehicles, which, unlike the common street taxi, can guarantee quality and eliability. Finally, the well-trained and kind drivers of Hellas Mini Van are at your disposal to meet your every need during your transfer.

Transfer with Executive Black Car

The Executive Black Car category is designed to satisfy customers with high demands on the transport sector. For this reason, Hellas Mini Van created a complete package of services that are able to turn your travel from a simple transfer to your destination in a deluxe experience. First of all, theExecutive Taxi category provides you with luxury vehicles art Taxi, which guarantees you quick and comfortable transfers that exceed common expectations. They are ideal for corporate travel or for luxury private transports in Athens and in various other parts of Greece. Moreover, all the category vehicles offer you additional benefits during your trip, such as limited Internet access, the availability of children’s seat placement, the ability to pay by debit card, real time traffic information in order to avoid the traffic etc.

Finally, our professional drivers are at your disposal to satisfy your every particular requirement. All you have to do is to inform us by your reservation on the additional benefits you desire. Travelling with the Executive Taxi category is personalized and tailored to you and your needs.

Transfer with Mini Van

The category of Mini Van is addressed to passengers whose number ranges between 5-8 people. Their storage capacity is bigger than a typical taxi and smaller than a common bus type. The category vehicles are fully equipped in order to offer you a comfortable and safe trip to any desirable destination. All category vehicles provide you with special baggage storage areas so as to guarantee the best possible transfer and security of your personal belongings.

Mini Vans are able to transfer a large family or a group of 5-8 people who wish to move into the centre of Athens from the airport “Eleutherios Venizelos” or to travel to other destinations throughout Greece, selected by our team especially for you.

Finally, the category of Mini Van is also available in Executive form. This means that, in proportion to Standard and Executive Taxi categories, Hellas Mini Van offers you the portability of an Executive Mini Van category. This category provides you with additional benefits during your trip which offer you absolute comfort and upgrade your transportation to a luxurious experience.

Transfer with Mini Buses / Buses

The category of Mini Buses and Buses is directed to passengers, whose number ranges between 18-23, 24-34 or 35-52 persons. All category vehicles are designed to carry more people than a multipurpose vehicle or Mini Van. Specifically, Mini Buses and Buses were chosen to serve a large number of travelers such as the adult members of a group, the students on a school trip, sporting or cultural associations and other groups who are fulfilling the seats of a regular type bus.

So if you want to visit Athens and explore the sites of the capital or whether you are planning a short trip to tourist destinations in Greece, Hellas Mini Van has the solution. The Mini Buses and the Buses category can guarantee the integrity of your luggage and give you a comfortable and safe journey. In Hellas Mini Van your special desires inspire us.