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Before you book

Hellas Mini Van follows the current legislation regulating the cost of the routes for which the customer is immediately informed by a prominent posted price list inside every company’s car. If you need to complain or make a note about the merit of the company, you can directly contact with our call center.

Hellas Mini Van is next to you 24 hours a day. This means that regardless of the time you called, our company’s drivers are available to take you to the destination of your choice. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us so as to schedule, modify or postpone your transfer.

Before you travel

Hellas Mini Van renovates and gives you the ability to choose the driver that will accompany you. If you do not know the exact name of him, we keep a file of your previous transfers which will help us to easily identify the driver you want.

Our goal in Hellas Mini Van is to serve our customers with the best way. For this reason, along with the type of telephone booking, we offer you the ability to schedule your reservation online. The on-line booking has been designed for this type of customers who prefer to organize their trip online. Enter the necessary information in the relevant form and you will
soon be informed about the progress of your reservation.

Why Us

Because Hellas Mini Van guarantees your quick and safe arrival at any destination of your choice, as opposed to the uncertainty you would have if you hired a simple street taxi. Furthermore, the professional drivers of our company can upgrade your transportation due to their years of experience, ensuring quality and luxury to your travel.

The customer data is recorded with respect to the company’s files, just for cases like this. If you left personal items inside the vehicle, we encourage you to update as soon as possible your personal driver on your loss. At the end of a transfer, the drivers of Hellas Mini Van are looking for any forgotten items and keep them in special places, after having first informed the company and the customers personally.

Hellas Mini Van’s services follow the current legislation on private transport. The difference with the common taxi is a surcharge of 2 €, which is attributed to the telephone service for the organization of appointments. Special transfers, such as transportation to and from the airport, have corresponding charges, for which the customer can be informed through a clear price list, visibly displayed inside the company’s vehicles.